ProLaw – A True One Office Solution (Partner Perspective)

By: Biren Shukla, CEO, and Founder

My opinion could be biased because I am a Certified ProLaw Partner helping firms migrate to the cloud but that is not the purpose of this blog. My passion for product stems from the fact that it is one of the few complete law offices in a box solution that addresses all the needs of a firm.  

Over the years of attending the Vantage Partner Summit, I have come to learn a thing or two about the ProLaw One-Office and how it helps firms.  

The Organization  

First, I must commend the Elite ProLaw team that tirelessly puts together an agenda and sessions that apply to the entire ProLaw community. The tracks are broken down into by-products and your role in the organization. Each year they step up the game by incorporating topics like cloud computing, mobility, artificial intelligence, and more in their talking tracks.   

The Application  

Second, they listen to their partners and client. Each year, they break their Product Roadmap into two halves. Each year they incorporate features upgrades to the various products they have like ProLaw Mobile, Core ProLaw product enhancements like Dashboard improvements, Query Builder Improvement, and Database Performance improvements to name a few. Built on a modern Microsoft .NET platform, the application continues to adapt with time. Today, you can run ProLaw on any public cloud infrastructure like AWS EC2 or Azure. We were one of the first Cloud Managed Services partners to get the application working 100% with all their integrations to Office and Adobe in the cloud. The application itself has gone through a tremendous transformation in just the last three years.  

The Performance  

Finally, as an IT Consultant who gets to host a lot of different applications in the cloud, I can appreciate the ability to manage not only the front office but also the back office with a single solution. Most other legal SaaS applications can do a few things well but are not sophisticated enough to address ALL the needs of the firms, government offices, or corporate organizations. To do what you can with ProLaw you would literally need a couple of apps or have a broken workflow. Now for some very small firms, SaaS legal apps may just work fine but for the ones that are trying to grow and want to provide more value to their clients, ProLaw is the only solution they should consider.   

IT Guidance and Support  

No wonder it is touted as a One Office solution for Law Firms. It is a central place where every employee of the firm can go to see what is happening in the firm. Sure, it takes an internal ProLaw administrator who will learn the software and will continue to utilize the features but then again, every application needs an internal champion. I hope you experience ProLaw or your entire firm running in the cloud and you will surely not be disappointed.