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  • Having full control of all of your data
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  • Having a secure backup to all your firm’s data
  • Increasing the performance of your ProLaw application
  • Putting your firm in the best position for success

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Forum Info-Tech’s ProLaw cloud hosting solution offers you a hassle-free experience. You can easily access ProLaw and other applications from anywhere on any device. FIT LevelCloud modernizes the traditional IT experience through an agile and innovative approach by replicating your current workflow in the cloud.

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About ProLaw Cloud Hosting & Support

FIT LevelCloud allows you to access your ProLaw and other applications from anywhere you have internet access. This allows you to work from the office, from home, from the courtroom, or from a client with a consistent interface and speed.

Tangible benefits include greater speed and accessibility than a current VPN or Citrix application. Intangible benefits include greater productivity, keeping high quality employees no matter where they live, and providing the experience many younger attorneys expect in today’s working environment.

Yes we can! FIT LevelCloud moves your entire workflow to the cloud allowing your firm to run ProLaw, Adobe, the Microsoft Office Suite, and any other “non natively” cloud applications you may use all in one place.

Law Firms throughout the United States and Canada are discovering the benefit of moving all their applications to FIT LevelCloud. Because FIT LevelCloud is designed around your specific applications, firms see immediate productivity increases with a short learning curve for users.

ProLaw is the most complete practice management software on the market today and by moving your ProLaw to FIT LevelCloud, all your data and configurations are stored with the highest security in your own Private Cloud. Unlike “multi-tenant” hosting solutions where servers are shared with other law firms, FIT LevelCloud creates a single tenant environment accessible only to your firm and owned by you.

The team at Forum Info-Tech is committed to providing law firms with safe online services so lawyers can focus on what they do best – serving clients and practicing law. So rest easy knowing that your data will always be stored in a securely hosted environment.

Yes! FIT LevelCloud can be accessed by any device from anywhere you have internet, giving you access to all your LevelCloud applications such as ProLaw, M365, Adobe and other pertinent software. Wherever you work, you have access to your programs and your data.

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