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You’re a small to medium sized business looking for digital transformation but lacking the internal resources to drive change. 

Or maybe you have internal IT resources that would benefit from leadership with a long-term strategy but can’t justify a full time CIO.

Let FIT be your guide.

With virtual CIO services from Forum Info-Tech, we come alongside your business to offer the efficiency, flexibility and expertise you need to improve your long-term IT strategy.

Free Consultation

We’ve got your back.

Your FIT vCIO has a broad understanding of technology, as well as the “people skills” needed to navigate today’s changing environments and bring you IT success. It’s easy!


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Transform Your Business

Your digital transformation is a journey.

Hiring a vCIO from Forum Info-Tech to guide your digital transformation is like hiring a raft master to guide you through a series of whitewater rapids.

It’s exciting. You’ll be thankful for the expertise when things get bumpy. You’ll come out stronger at the end.

Let’s work together to secure success on your digital transformation journey.


About vCIO Services

You’ve undoubtedly seen the news stories about companies being held hostage with ransomware or other malware. Unfortunately, today’s threats are very real. Don’t become a victim. Your FIT vCIO will work with your team to provide an IT strategy that reduces risks and maximizes productivity.

  • No more IT headaches or frustration; instead, IT that works for you.
  • No more worrying about aging servers and downtime; instead, knowing that you’ve got a plan to embrace today’s technology.
  • No more haphazard band-aid fixes; instead, use a defined strategy to keep the networks running smoothly.

Sleep well at night knowing you don’t need to worry about your networks.

You may be surprised to find out that you save money using vCIO services from Forum Info-Tech. How?

  1. Avoid the high cost of finding, training, and maintaining a hard-to-find, expensive, full time chief information officer.
  2. Optimizing your IT process often reduces expenses and increases productivity.
  3. With better security you minimize the risk of a data breach and the tens of thousands of dollars in associated costs.
  4. A vCIO can help drive strategic business growth.

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