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You’ll Feel the Benefit By:

  • Having technology that makes your services more accessible
  • Reducing risk with state-of-the-art Cyber Security 
  • Consistent and predictable monthly costs for easier budgeting
  • The security of AWS GovCloud for cloud hosting
  • Hiring a team with experience, expertise, and knowledge of service
  • CMAS #3-20-70-3858A makes it easy to work together
Free Consultation

You’ll Run More Securely With Forum Info-Tech

You require state-of-the-art Cyber Security to keep you from becoming a victim of a Ransomware attack or any other type of Cyber-attack. 

Non-Profit, State, and Local Governments have recently become the targets of international hackers with well-publicized Ransomware attacks that have crippled School systems, Police departments, healthcare, even 911 systems. 

We will equip you with a suite of Cyber Security that provides the protection you deserve. 

We Help Government and Non-profits in 3 Easy Steps


A Budget-Friendly Assesment

We start with an assessment of your current systems and look for opportunities to maximize efficiencies while staying within the budget.


Search for Challenges

FIT looks for liabilities, vulnerabilities, and challenges within your processes that may put you at risk.


Expert Advice for Your Needs

Once your systems are analyzed and opportunities are discovered, FIT will make suggestions based on your unique needs while providing ongoing maintenance and support for your team.

The Benefits of Using Forum Info-Tech

Cities, Counties, and non-Profits have unique needs, and no individual person has the breadth of knowledge and skills that are provided by Forum Info-Tech.  

As a certified Small Business in the State of California and a California Multiple Award Schedule holder (CMAS #3-20-70-3858A) Forum Info-Tech makes it easy to work together. 

If you have an IT team, FIT will work closely with them to maximize effectiveness. If you don’t have IT, FIT becomes your IT department offering everything from software patches to Virtual CIO services. 

We make your life easier and keep you in budget. 

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