Forum Info-Tech delivers a progressive venue cyber security solution that brings digital transformation to any size venue

your business benefits as we

✔ Design a personalized IT service tailored to your event

✔ Monitor your computer systems by a certified team

✔ Provide security for devices and data

✔ Supply venue-wide on-site support

We can help

It doesn’t matter if you’re holding a convention, performing arts show, or anything in between. Our team of skilled venue IT professionals understands the unique requirements your event will need and we are passionate about providing an experience tailored specifically to what you need.


our core services for you

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Digital signage is the perfect way to show off all of your best products and services.

Showcase important information while maintaining a touch of quality with our luxurious displays.

Wifi signal power router

WIFI Captive Portal

With a captive portal, WiFi guests are prompted to authenticate through social information or payment.

The extra security and peace-of-mind is worth it, and you’ll be able to make use of marketing features like offers and promotions for your business. 

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POS system upgrades​

Your customers deserve the best experience, and using out-of-date technology can leave them feeling frustrated.

Improve customer satisfaction with one easy upgrade customized to your needs.

Cyber security

cyber security plan

Protect your device and data with a comprehensive cyber security plan. With the increasing number of hacking attempts, staying protected is more challenging than ever before.

Protect your business with multiple layers of advanced protections that are specifically designed to stop hackers.

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Responsive helpdesk

Our responsive helpdesk for venues is designed to keep your facilities running smoothly.

With this ready to deploy help desk enabled by satellite offices and remote links, our experts will be there for you when you need them most. 

cyber security disaster recovery

Backup and disaster recovery

Automatically perform backup and disaster recovery of servers, workstations, databases, and networks. 

Ransomware attacks, file corruption, and hardware failures don’t stand a chance with this powerful suite of protection.

The Forum Info-Tech IT Experience

What it’s like working with Forum Info-Tech by the numbers.


23 Second Response Time


96% Client Satisfaction


22 IT Professionals


95% of Issues Resolved Through Help Desk


8 Minute Average Issue Resolved

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Can Venue IT Management integrate all my systems and compatible apps?

Yes! Venue IT management always integrates with all your systems and applications. Working together can create an environment that makes it simpler for you to manage the fleet while reducing risk and giving you more time to focus on other important issues. We leverage industry knowledge and best practices to create customizable workspaces that integrate systems and increase productivity.

How does venue managed IT services help my venue generate revenue?

Modern, high-performance IT solutions create a significant revenue boost for venues. They allow facilities to offer new services or charge more for existing ones without incurring downtime.

So much of the success of a venue is due to the whims of its customers when it comes down to which venue they choose to attend instead–to stay in with their families versus going out and how they spend their time while there once they arrive. Having modern tech measures in place means that your organization will have a noticeable advantage over competing for event spaces that can’t handle even just the most rudimentary needs.

If you want your space to be competitive and profitable, then skilled IT professionals willing and able are needed so that attendees don’t face hurdles like slow wi-fi. 

Cyber security

Are venue cyber security services available?

We are the ammunition your venue needs. From breaches to hackers, we give you all the tools necessary for victory.

We make sure that every organization is well-armed against security threats and risks: viruses of all kinds, data leakage, cyber terrorism…we protect from any attack or vulnerability imaginable!