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We build a private cloud infrastructure for your firm’s needs, maximizing the legal capabilities of your firm and those who depend on it.

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  • Having full control of all of your data
  • Accessing your firm’s data from anywhere
  • Having a secure backup to all your firm’s data
  • Increasing the performance of your firm’s applications
  • Putting your firm in the best position for success

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Forum Info-Tech’s law firm cloud computing solution offers you a hassle-free experience. You can easily centralize and access your files from anywhere on any device. Legal cloud computing modernizes the traditional IT experience through an agile and innovative approach to solving legal tech challenges. All while meeting industry compliance standards.

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About Managed Cloud Services For Law Firms

Cloud hosting is a great option for law practices because it makes collaboration and communication with partners and associates easier. It also advances workflow management by making everything centralized which means there’s less to worry about if anything goes wrong.

You can access your data in real-time, from any device connected to the internet/network which your law practice may use. This allows you to work at home, on the go, and when unpacking at a hotel. It also removes connectivity barriers with remote clients and makes it easier for seasoned partners who are often on conference calls or traveling for business to stay connected.

Forum Info-Tech’s cloud hosting infrastructure allows for unmatched speed and security, enabling your law firm to perform at the highest level.

Yes, we can! Forum Info-Tech specializes in creating private cloud environments for law firms and hosting all their “non-natively-cloud” applications in the cloud, allowing the firm to move their entire workflow to the cloud for greater speed and agility.

Rather than forcing a firm into a “one-size-fits-all” cloud environment, each cloud is created specifically for the firm, is owned by the firm, and the firm is given access all the way down to the root level. This allows the firm greater flexibility to run all it’s applications via a browser on any computer connected to the web.

Whether you have in-house IT or not, FIT LevelCloud gives you the ability to customize your cloud and provide a higher level of service than on-site servers afford. Besides running all your apps in the cloud, Forum Info-Tech offers 24/7/365 live technical support, and secures your information to keep it safe from cyber-attacks through multi-layered protection measures including virus scans, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems.


Hosting your data on a cloud server increases security exponentially when compared to older methods like external hard drive backups and emailing sensitive information (which can easily be intercepted by third parties). A dedicated network with load balancing ensures that systems never become overloaded or slowed down during peak hours, decreasing resource costs and preventing any interruptions in service.

The team at Forum Info-Tech is committed to providing law firms with safe services so lawyers can focus on what they do best – serving clients and practicing law. So rest easy knowing that your data will always be stored in a securely hosted environment.

Yes! Cloud hosting offers a virtual desktop that is accessible from any device for our attorneys. Can’t remember all the files you stored on your PC? Need to access your partner’s files without sacrificing their confidentiality? Connected anywhere, anytime, with access to all of our cloud-based security features such as encryption and viewing notifications.

Yes! ProLaw runs seamlessly when hosted on FIT LevelCloud. In fact, Forum Info-Tech hosts ProLaw for Thomson Reuters themselves. In addition to ProLaw, you can move all non-natively cloud software to FIT LevelCloud to mirror you currently workflow from the cloud.
Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach where your firm must try to fit into the cloud providers system, your cloud is designed specifically for you. No trying to push a square peg into a round hole. Move your entire workflow to the cloud for faster, more secure access.

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