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Why Would an IT Team Choose Co-Managed Services?

  • Partner your in-house resources with our professional IT Team
  • 24/7/365 live technical support
  • Choose only the services you need at one simple, fixed cost 
  • Never worry about turnover again
  • Tier II or Tier III support to back-up your team

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We get it. You’ve got a great team, but sometimes you need extra support, perhaps for nights and weekends. Or maybe you’re tired of training exceptional staff that then leaves. Perhaps your team wants to manage IT services in the office, but let someone else worry about the cloud. That’s where FIT Co-Managed Services comes in. Choose the services you need to support your team at a fixed monthly cost.

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Our Co-Managed Services

The FIT WorkSpace is a huge productivity tool for an internal IT staff because it provides incredible capabilities at their fingertips with the FIT WorkSpace.

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User Care provides a fully trained technical support team at your fingertips with a simple phone call, email, or directly through the FIT WorkSpace. 24/7/365 live technical support is available.

Workstation Care includes remote monitoring and patching of desktops, laptops, and other workstation devices

The FIT Technical team will remotely monitor and maintain devices on your network including (but not limited to) firewalls, switching equipment, wireless nodes, and routers.

Secure Care, the FIT Cyber-Security platform, includes phish training, email security and back-up, Multi-Factor Authentication, and dark web monitoring.

Our team of technical experts maintain the client’s AWS or Azure servers to ensure that they are working properly, protected, and functioning for maximum productivity and minimum cost.

FIT provides resources and tools to meet the sophisticated compliance and security regulatory requirements often needed today, including AI backed Network Security Monitoring, Log monitoring using AI and a US based NOC, and M365 Monitoring

Tier II and TIER III support are available to internal IT teams that need high level support for complicated technical issues, or AWS/Azure cloud issues.


About Co-Managed IT Services

Sometimes the staff is too small, overworked, or has a knowledge gap that can’t easily be overcome, and we all know that hiring can be time consuming, costly, and risky.

Supplementing your existing IT department with FIT’s technical resources gives you a breadth of knowledge you can’t find in a single person, while avoiding the potential traps that come from hiring the wrong person.

Many organizations including law firms, local government, health care, manufacturing, financial institutions, and accounting firms use co-managed IT services.

Any organization trying to keep their IT operations running smoothly without the headaches of managing additional people can benefit from adding third party technical resources to their team.

Because the FIT team works across all industries, they bring a level of expertise that is second to none and unmatched with any single person.

The advantages of Co-Managed IT services run deep and wide. These include:

  • 24/7/365 LIVE technical support. If you’ve got employees working evenings, nights, or weekends, we’re always here to take that phone call.
  • Fewer people to manage. Whether it’s the cost of benefits/pensions as many governments are finding, or simply the ease of letting FIT hire and manage the team, we’re here to make your life easier.
  • Lower costs. When you supplement your IT team with the FIT technical team, your department can accomplish more with fewer on-site resources which often translates to lower costs for the IT department.
  • No turnover. You won’t have to spend time finding, hiring, training and managing new staff only to have them leave in the middle of a project (yes… we’ve all seen it). We’re always here to help.

Co-Managed IT services often cost less than a single employee that has a fraction of the skillset offered by the FIT technical team.

You choose which services you want, so you can easily choose services that fit within your budgetad.

No. In fact, cloud computing is one of the most cost-effective services right now and likely will be for a long time, with new players in the market using ever-cheaper technologies to operate data centers. Furthermore, cloud computing has allowed companies to outsource their IT department, significantly reducing costs by lowering headcount.

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