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It’s time to protect your email, OneDrive, and SharePoint to keep the office safe.

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Benefits of Microsoft 365 Security Solutions

  • Email protection to block spam and phishing attacks
  • Cloud based back-up of SharePoint, OneDrive and essential documents
  • AI based monitoring to stop unauthorized access to mailboxes
  • AI analysis of network analytics to stop cyber criminals

Microsoft 365 solutions like email, OneDrive, and SharePoint are often the heartbeat of the office. It’s vital that we stop spam and phishing attacks before they tempt the user, and fully backup the essential data found in OneDrive and SharePoint to keep that data safe. FIT Microsoft 365 Security Solutions protect the office’s fundamental core, and are a strong foundation of a good cyber-security plan.

Our Data Protection Services

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Email Protection is a cloud-based system that protects your email by blocking spam and phishing attacks. It uses computer vision, AI, and machine learning to keep you safe.

It’s commonly known that up to 90% of ransomware attaches start with someone clicking on an infected email. 

FIT Email  Protection is cloud-based security that detects phishing attacks, spam, and compromised email before your users can click on them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning combine to scan for malicious links, infected PDFs, and embedded code within dangerous emails, and a user-friendly “banner warning” alerts the user to not click a suspicious email. Even if they do click, FIT Email Protection “sanitizes” the dangerous links and blocks the malicious click-through denying the introduction of malware or ransomware. 

Office 365 Monitoring will watch for things like unauthorized access to mailboxes, changes to the environment, strange logins, and people downloading many files. We will set it up and watch it so you don’t have to.

FIT Microsoft 365 Monitoring continuously monitors while using analytics, SIEM, threat intelligence, and a 24/7/365 US based Security Operations Center to identify threat-like behavior such as unauthorized access to cloud mailboxes, admin changes, impossible logins, and brute force attacks.

Supports Industry and Regulatory Compliance standards such as continuous monitoring and email monitoring.

To keep hackers away in the cyber world, you need a security system that is different from a firewall. A network security monitoring system is different because it uses real-time streaming data analytics and correlates events from traffic.

FIT Network Security Monitoring provides network intrusion detection with either a physical or virtual appliance. Suspected threats are correlated for AI-enables analysis using analytics, SIEM, threat intelligence, and a US based 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC). 

Detect potential threat activity on your network like command-and-control connections, denial of service attacks, data exfiltration, and reconnaissance. 

Supports Industry and Regulatory compliance standards such as continuous monitoring and network monitoring. 

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