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We help businesses across the Inland Empire improve operational and cost efficiencies with tailor made managed IT services you can rely on with no surprise costs.

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End your IT woes with Forum Info Tech’s top-tier IT services. Our team of IT experts is dedicated to helping propel digital transformation for our clients by deeply understanding their businesses, suggesting IT initiatives, and crafting an IT Roadmap that tackles immediate concerns while aligning with long-term strategic goals.

Benefits of our Managed IT Services include:

  • A single point of contact for all your IT needs
  • Having an IT system that works seamlessly
  • Consistent monthly payments that are easier on the budget
  • Reduced stress with reduced technology issues
  • A better work experience for your employees
  • Strong IT support that positions you for success
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Our Managed IT Services

Finding the right IT service provider can be complicated — not to mention costly. With Forum Info Tech you get IT solutions that fit your business needs and none of what doesn’t.

Out team of professionals monitor your entire network to ensure everything is healthy, updated, and properly backed up.

Our certified team of engineers proactively monitors your entire network, ensuring your servers and workstations are healthy, updated, and properly backed up.

Our intelligence software is installed on all your servers and workstations and monitors over 255 different things that could go wrong and cause you expensive downtime.

As we receive alerts, our helpdesk and our Network Operations Center proactively resolve those issues by remotely connecting to your devices.

No longer will you have to sit on the phone waiting for software support from the manufacturer.  If we can’t help you fix it, we’ll make those phone calls for you. 

Forum Info-Tech reduces IT operating costs by taking on the responsibility of managing your vendors.

In addition to managing cost, we will help mitigate risk and ensure vendor performance.

Forum Info-Tech provides third-party app support.

Our experienced staff will act as one single point of contact to resolve all your vendor issues.

FIT is ranked #85 on the 2023 Global TOP 501 MSP list!


What Are Managed IT Services?

IT managed service is a service that businesses pay for to have the technical expertise and full-time work done for them by outside firms.

Businesses use information technology (IT) managed service providers when they lack the internal technical staff or resources to provide on-site maintenance, security, and technical assistance support. Unlike outsourcing, companies that utilize these specialists usually keep their existing employees in place with unchanged responsibilities while adding a new role of managing those who are working remotely on their behalf.

Managed service providers provide tailored IT solutions for companies with limited in-house capability to manage their end-to-end infrastructure needs. They can offer full lifecycle services or individual components like security, storage, and networking.

A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that specializes in providing information technology (IT) infrastructure management “out of the box” as an integrated business model to small and midsize enterprises without or with limited resources and knowledge on how to develop fully comprehensive internal IT capabilities.

  • Setting up remote management when the software for your company device is not working, being unable to attend meetings from an out of touch location, or needing updates on a system without disrupting the current network configuration.
  • Preventing future virus and malware incidents which can lead to increasing IT expenses in the long run by managing all software and systems remotely with early detection features like antivirus scanning or employee tracking of data being accessed through centralized servers (for example).
  • Performing regular backups for your company hardware with every update done remotely saving you both time and money!
  • A managed service provider organizes updates and optimizes them pro-actively over time so as to keep costs down while still giving you uninterrupted IT services.

No problem!

Many of our clients have a designated IT support person or in-house IT department to handle day-to-day technical issues and minor network problems. These organizations often count on us for the most critical IT support functions, such as strategic advice, technical projects, second opinions, IT security, and advanced business applications support.

We have access to the best prices on hardware and software due to our partnerships with industry-leading companies. We can also offer you unbiased product recommendations, depending on your needs.

To make it more interesting: Our partnership network brings us special pricing that we pass onto all of our customers! This means you get some really great deals when shopping for new technology at Forum Info-Tech, which is a win-win situation either way since not only will we save money but so do they!

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