Easier IT Administration with FIT Workspace & Co-Managed Services  

employee in office on laptop using FIT workspace

Today’s IT leaders are being tasked with improving productivity while being challenged to cut costs. The FIT Workspace, when combined with Co-Managed IT Services, provides the essential tools they need to do just that, reducing time for competitive tasks by as much as 90% by automating those tasks. 

What is the FIT Workspace? 

The FIT Workspace is an essential time saving IT tool, created by IT for IT. 

Often the IT team struggles with having to manage multiple tools, and the FIT Workspace brings all those tools into a single environment to save time and increase productivity for the IT team. 

While providing non-IT users within the organization a consistent interface and ease of use for their day-to-day activities, the real power behind the FIT Workspace is the tools given to IT Directors, System Administrators, and law firm Administrators that utilize this role based tool.

Time Saving Features of the FIT Workspace for IT Managers

There are dozens of features included in the FIT Workspace that provide time savings and greater consistency to IT Managers and Administrators.  Because it’s automated, you’ll never miss a step and things are done correctly every time.

1.  Add a User in Outlook in About One Minute Without Using Active Directory

When you click on “Add a User” in User Care, you are provided with an easy to use Wizard to add that user.  First, select the type of account you want to create, whether local access or Microsoft 365.  From there you can copy the credentials of an existing user as a template, including Data Access groups and Distribution groups that should be used so you don’t miss a group. 

Simply input the new user information, and the FIT Workspace will create that user on the local access directory and Microsoft 365. 

If you don’t have the required Microsoft 365 license, the FIT Workspace will prompt you to buy the license at that time. 

2.  Disable a User in Outlook in About One Minute Without Using Active Directory

Similarly, you can disable a User directly through the FIT Workspace.  When you disable an account, the Wizard asks about common decisions including whether you want to forward that email address to another user, if you want to convert the mailbox to a shared mailbox, should an automated message to be sent, and who should have access to that mailbox? 

Of course, many of these options are not included in regular Microsoft APIs, so they’re easy to forget.  

By automating these tasks, a user can be added or disabled using the FIT Workspace in about a minute rather than the 30-40 minutes it traditionally takes through Active Directory.  

3. Manage Your M365 Licenses and Users

Recover compromised accounts and reset passwords directly from the Workspace in addition to adding and disabling Users.

4.  View your Workstation Inventory

Click on Workstation Care to see a complete inventory of workstations including full details of each workstation (Model Number, Serial Number, Warranty Expiration, OS Type, etc.) and a full patch history for those workstations. 

5. View and Manage Your Servers

Similar to Workstation Care, Server Care gives you a full inventory of servers and a history of patches. 

If you have an AWS Account, you can log in to that account directly from the Workspace and see all your AWS Servers. There you can see details of each server, the region where it is located, and the status of the server.  You can stop a server, and manage server uptime rules and security.

6. View and Manage Network Assets and Backups

See all the assets on your local network, and check the backups from AWS or your local devices such as Datto. 

What are Co-Managed IT Services, and how do they Benefit my IT Team? 

Co-managed IT Services combine the expertise of your internal IT team with the expertise of an external IT service provider, while adding tools like the FIT Workspace. This collaboration enables businesses to enhance their IT capabilities, improve efficiency, and overcome various challenges. 

Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services with the FIT Workspace

One of the significant advantages of Co-Managed IT services is access to a broader range of expertise and tools available through an outside source. Internal IT teams may be skilled in certain areas, but lack specialized knowledge in others and may not have access to tools like the FIT Workspace. 

By partnering with a co-managed IT provider, organizations gain access to a team of professionals with diverse skills, experience, and certifications. This allows them to tackle complex projects, resolve intricate issues, provide 24/7/365 live technical support without stressing the internal IT team, improve efficiency and productivity, and implement the latest technologies more effectively.

There are many advantages to partnering with an outside IT Service Provider.  

1. Focus on Core Business

When certain IT tasks are delegated to a co-managed IT service provider, the internal IT team can focus on strategic initiatives and core business objectives. This shift in focus allows the internal team to contribute to the company’s growth and innovation while leaving routine tasks and support to the external experts

2. Cost Savings

Maintaining a fully staffed internal IT department can be costly for many organizations, especially smaller businesses. Co-managed IT services offer a cost-effective solution by allowing businesses to pay only for services beyond the internal expertise. This cost-sharing model helps organizations access highly skilled technicians and the latest technology available, while saving money on internal staff and benefits. 

3. Reduced Burnout 

In today’s working environment, IT sometimes is a 24-hour job, and we hear from many IT professionals that they are “burned out” by the stress and time requirements, particularly when they are not able to maintain a full IT staff in this working environment.  Providing a team of IT professionals that work 24/7/365 and aid your team with Tier I or Tier II support reduces stress, improves productivity, and helps your internal team stay focused on their core tasks.

4. Proactive IT Management

Co-managed IT Service Providers adopt a proactive approach to IT management. They continuously monitor the organization’s IT infrastructure, identify potential issues, and take preventive measures to avoid system failures and downtime. This proactive strategy helps minimize disruptions and increases the overall reliability of IT systems, leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

Business demands are rarely constant and may fluctuate due to seasonal changes, industry trends, or unforeseen circumstances. Co-managed IT Services offer the flexibility to scale up or down resources as needed. During periods of growth or high workloads, the external IT team can step in to provide extra support. Conversely, when the workload decreases, businesses can reduce the level of co-managed projects, ensuring cost optimization.

6. Enhanced Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated and prevalent, posing a significant risk to businesses of all sizes. Co-managed IT Service Providers often have dedicated security tools equipped with the latest techniques to protect against cyber threats. By leveraging the expertise of these teams, organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity posture and reduce the likelihood of data breaches and cyber-attacks.

7. Efficient IT Projects

Co-managed IT Services can be particularly beneficial during IT projects, such as system upgrades, network expansions, or cloud migrations. The external IT team can collaborate with the internal team to plan, execute, and manage these projects efficiently. This partnership ensures that projects are completed on time, within budget, and with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations.

The FIT Workspace and Co-Managed IT Services Optimize your Operations

The collaboration between your internal IT team and Forum Info-Tech’s round the clock technicians and tools like the FIT Workspace creates a synergy that can lead to improved efficiency, reduced burnout, cost savings, enhanced cybersecurity, and greater agility in responding to business challenges. By embracing FIT’s Co-Managed IT Services, organizations can streamline their IT management, unlock the full potential of their technology investments, and stay competitive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

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