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Why Secure Cloud Hosting Is a Must for Your Business

In this post-Covid era, employees are working from many locations, not simply the office. Slow VPNs and outdated Citrix applications slow productivity and discourage employees.

In addition, compliance-driven industries are major targets for cybercrime. Law firms, hospitals, and schools store the most private—and expensive—information on the market. High measures of security are required to keep your data safe from devastating data breaches.

FIT LevelCloud gives you access to your data anytime, anywhere you have internet, while providing exceptional ease and security. 

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About LevelCloud

What Is LevelCloud?

LevelCloud is an ultra-secure cloud platform designed specifically for SMBs, law firms, and other compliance-driven businesses. With FIT LevelCloud, you’ll have complete access to your data from any device.

This means that no matter where you are—at the office, at a client site, in the courtroom, or at home—you can access your documents quickly and easily. Our team builds your cloud with AWS or Azure and guarantees multi-site replication and redundant backup. It’s the perfect alternative to buying and managing expensive hardware or dealing with unreliable on-premise servers.

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LevelCloud Features

  • Daily backups of your entire network
  • Two-factor authentication for advanced security
  • Customized cloud built on AWS or Azure
  • Enterprise-level security and data encryption
  • Host ProLaw and all additional office applications
  • Access control based on user, location, device, or time
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Benefits of
LevelCloud for Your Business

As you migrate your workflow to the cloud, you will have increased
flexibility, productivity, and security.

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LevelCloud was designed to provide greater productivity for law firms, SMBs, and compliance-driven companies like yours. With enterprise-level technology, advanced security measures, and scalability options, you can get the most out of your cloud hosting experience.

Let FIT cloud solutions help you keep your data safe and secure while increasing employee productivity and customer trust.

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