Law Firms Using Cloud Computing for ProLaw Instead of Purchasing New Servers

Several firms are looking into the option of hosting ProLaw in the cloud. Law firms using cloud computing find that there is less stress in daily activities. What they are pleasantly surprised with is that LevelCloud can host not only their ProLaw but all their applications on our cloud infrastructure.

ProLaw cloud hosting includes applications like Legal Solutions, Office365, Equitrac, and Documentation Management Systems just to name a few. What the firms really enjoy is a smooth migration from having to manage on-premise servers to going completely cloud-based environments. The cloud for lawyers includes specialized SaaS solutions for law firm technology.

Law Firms Using Cloud Computing For ProLaw Hosting And More

While some engage us when their infrastructure is about to be replaced and they are faced with huge capital expenditure, others are deciding based on the fact that they can get everything they need(application upgrades, new infrastructure, Microsoft licensing) for a fixed fee per month which they can control. In other words, law firms using ProLaw hosting can pay for what they need and not purchase more than what they need and then depreciate all the fixed assets.

Another use case scenario for moving a cloud law firm network to the cloud is when you are moving offices, have remote workers, integration issues, exchange upgrades, increased data center, and bandwidth costs. Some have moved to us because they can have one bill for all their IT needs.

In some scenarios, firms moved their infrastructure to us to reduce their IT departments. Others firms had simply outgrown their IT firm. While the use cases vary drastically, the common theme is easy of use, consistent experience, and streamlining of all their IT needs.

Cloud computing for small law firms is very highly recommended due to not only the costs of trying to maintain all of the procurement licenses but also the fact that small law firms are bound to change locations.  Cloud computing for lawyers within small firms is a necessity to reduce interruption in service.

‘With various versions of ProLaw, including version 12 running successfully with all integration’s working, we have proved once again that our solution is a turn-key solution for any firm that is considering their move to the cloud whether they are small or large or somewhere in between. Law firms using cloud computing will have the advantage of saving time and energy over rival law firms.