FIT Recon User & Entity Behavior Analytics

Be in the know of what data come in and out of your company with the best user behavior and analytics solution 

Every company needs a mechanism that protects employees from themselves. More importantly, we protect companies

FIT Recon is a User and Entity Behavior Analytics Software that detects threats to data security from within the perimeter by monitoring user behavior and alerting when actions contradict policies or vary from well-defined patterns.

Rather than focusing on protecting assets, FIT Recon monitors user behavior for indicators of compromise, recording and alerting when insider risk is elevated, enabling rapid interdiction, reducing false positives, and ensuring actionable reporting.

FIT Recon is designed for companies with sensitive intellectual property, which, if stolen or exposed, poses a risk to the company and wants to protect critical information without locking systems down so tightly that productivity is hindered.

Components of the Service