Why do you need managed services for your AWS deployment?

There is a reason for the popularity of AWS due to which lots of small and large businesses worldwide are deploying AWS technology in their infrastructure. The way AWS has reduced the complexity of business through cloud computing and managed services is tremendous. It is a very well-known fact that deploying AWS into your business requires huge capital but every penny is worth investing when you see the benefits. The management and deployment are completely done by the AWS professional services consultant and you only have to pay for the subscription of the services you have taken. In this way, not only the overall cost of your business is reduced, you do not have to hire a specialist in your core team dedicatedly for management and other things

It is a very big decision for you to migrate your traditional business to the cloud and the decision must be made before cloud strategy development. Having a managed services partner is extremely important as it lays a foundation for your cloud-migrated business initially. The professional experience of the managed service provider will be a huge bonus for you as they will first understand your business requirements and help you out with the migration process from start to finish.

Assessment of your business and making strategy

Before the migration of the traditional business to a cloud platform, it is extremely important to first assess the business model as every business model has a different need based on the infrastructure. The managed service provider does a detailed assessment of the business model and maps the applications based on the portfolio of the business to determine which workloads are needed to be migrated to the cloud. The assessment is based on the computing, storage, networking, and security architecture of each application which determines workload and application dependencies. Based on the requirements of the particular business model, the managed service provider chooses the automation technology to make the process streamlined and determine costs for the complete cloud migration process. 

The main aim of cloud migration is to completely eliminate the current on-premises cost of the infrastructure to make the whole migration process extremely cost-effective as well as non-disruptive. In this way, the Return On Investment (ROI) is maximized which is the ultimate of any business across the world. Managed IT services corona has been providing managed services across the country for many years successfully helping small and large businesses to successfully migrate to cloud platforms.

With the complete migration management process by the right managed service provider, your business is streamlined, data security is ensured and your business develops continuity and disaster recovery options. 

Cloud migration process management

The migration process is not a small process but a huge work that starts with the assessment of the business model identifies the needs of the business and then finally the migration itself. Major public cloud providers such as AWS have more than 70 different instances categories with news categories being added constantly. While some workloads are conductive and run on “lift and shift” processes, some are very time-taking processes and often require optimization.

Determining which application could be moved to the cloud also comes under the migration process management as there are some applications that cannot be moved to the cloud at all hence it is extremely important to streamline the whole process and be productive in the right direction or else there would be waste of time, money and effort. This is the job of the professionally managed service provider. 

Streamlining the whole migration process so that only eligible applications and instances are moved to the cloud will definitely convert your capital expenditure to operational expenditure. It is very important for the migration process to be successful and cost-effective and this can be achieved only by eliminating non-operational cloud applications and workloads. Scripting can make the whole process time-consuming as well as vulnerable to errors and this could be minimized by an efficiently managed service provider.

Security, compliance, and cost-effectiveness

 One of the most important factors why many small and large businesses go for migration is the cost-effectiveness after implementation. After you have adopted managed services, you will no longer be paying any salaries to the IT people for managing your in-house infrastructure as you will be paying only for the services you have adopted and everything will be managed remotely via the cloud by your service provider. The infrastructure will be managed by the people who have skills and expertise in their respective domains and you will not be paid directly to them but only for the services that include everything. Such skilled people otherwise could be hired only by paying high salaries so this huge cost will be saved for you.

Security is the backbone of any modern business not only in the USA but across the world and compromising with security is like compromising with your customers and business. Internet threats such as malware, ransomware, adware, etc are destroying businesses everywhere in the world which is the reason MSPs have come to the rescue. Managed services provide concrete security solutions to protect your business infrastructure so that they are safe from these threats and intrusions and give you a carefree service experience. They give proactive support and 24/7 monitoring of your systems so that any possible threat can be detected in advance.

Compliance is the only thing any business in this world fears. There are so many rules and regulations attached to running a business that it becomes extremely difficult to take care of all the rules failing which your business might even shut down. Taking care of the government’s rules, client’s contractual agreements, or security matters force you again to hire separate manual labor for this work. Managed services ensure that all compliance issues are followed and taken care of by their in-house resources so that businesses do not have to worry about breaching legal laws giving them a pleasant experience.