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Business communication is the hallmark of a company’s growth and prosperity. Successful companies integrate collaboration and productivity tools into their IT infrastructure. 

Unified communication solutions and tools like email are often limited to a worker’s accessibility. Because of this, the rise of team collaboration tools has taken office communication to a new level. 

These tools offer channels to streamline workflows. With direct messaging, tools and files can be shared in an instant. Add the tools to all your work and personal devices to stay connected and accessible and receive messages in real-time.

From VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) to web video conferencing, FIT unified communications for small business has a solution that FITs your business IT needs. We support the backend systems so your communications environment can flow seamlessly and you can get back to business. 

Wireless networking and structured cabling are the building blocks of a business’s IT infrastructure. FIT delivers customized solutions and support for any business model because we are a UCaaS provider.


Frequently asked questions

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What is unified communication

Unified communication (UC) is the integration of voice, video and text conversations across multiple channels—PCs or mobile devices–to create a seamless experience while more easily sharing business data and increasing productivity.

Why unified communications is so important

Unified Communication (UC) is important because it helps an organization to be more cohesive and heighten productivity.

For example, when someone wants to contact a group of people in the company for any reason, they don’t need to know the individual phone numbers for each individual person. They can just send a text or email and everyone who’s in that group will get the message at the same time. It also allows different parts of an organization to share automatically what they’re doing and where they are with other parts so there’s less confusion about work. This means decisions can happen faster so businesses run better and employees have smarter feedback loops available when doing their jobs.

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why your business needs unified communications

There are many benefits associated with unified communication systems, including the reduction in cost for phone lines and voice mail. Businesses can save time by making decisions quicker because of an easier installation process as well. Dramatically improve internet connectivity everywhere throughout your office; deploy enterprise software across all aspects of operation more easily than ever before- saving IT staff valuable work hours every day.

What is the best unified communications as a software service

There are many different unified communications as a software services. So it’s hard to say without knowing what your needs or preferences are. Microsoft Teams may be the best solution for your company. Slack could be the tool that works for you. 

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What is involved in Wireless Networking

A wireless network is nothing more than a way to distribute data signals wirelessly, rather than with an Ethernet cable. It’s designed so that you can connect all your smart devices without needing plugs and cables; it works by using radio waves instead of wires. For example, Wi-Fi symbols show how computers communicate over the internet via this same idea–wireless networks preserve communication through various barriers like walls or floors in between two transmitters such as those found at businesses.

How does Video conferencing work

Video conferencing is the technology that provides simultaneous broadcast of audio and video between two or more users by means of hardware and software communication tools.

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