Top 5 cloud platforms and solutions available in the market

Cloud services have increased rapidly in the market since the last few years across the world.

Big and small companies have started to implement cloud services in their platforms considering the immense advantages the cloud has to offer. Talking about modern technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, etc need heavy power for computing which is made easier and possible through cloud computing. You only need an AWS professional services consultant to get everything done regarding the cloud setup and you are good to go. 

The benefits of cloud computing are huge and this is the reason why all the big and small companies are ready to make such a huge investment to implement cloud. Cloud offers an efficient alternative to the enterprises for setting up their in-house infrastructure.

Cloud computing makes scalable computing power possible for all internet users on a plug and plays basis. Cloud has become one of the most important solutions for enterprises because it saves them to build and maintain costly infrastructure and the money saved from this can be utilized on many other projects. 

Many companies provide cloud platforms and solutions and in this article, we will be providing the list and details of the top 5 companies that provide management, deployment, and development for cloud platforms that can be effectively used to manage the IT needs of your enterprise.

1. Amazon Web Services or AWS

Amazon Web Services which is popularly known as AWS has become the market leader in professional web services for the last few years. With an estimated revenue of $25.65 Billion in the year 2018, it has surely secured its place as a leader in the cloud computing sector as well. The customers of AWS are spread to around 190 countries which clearly shows its popularity as compared to its peers. The biggest of the IT giants in the world have adopted AWS as that has given them a huge boost in their business. 

As of 2018, around 54000 databases have been successfully migrated to AWS which is just amazing and shows its potential. Apart from that, many more databases are on their way for migration to AWS looking at its huge success and popularity. With partners from all over the world, you will find many AWS partner networks also known as APN that help their clients to complete their digital transformation. 

2. Google Cloud Platform

GCP which is popularly known as Google Cloud Platform is the public cloud computing solution provided by the tech giant Google. You will find the services of cloud from google in all the sectors including IoT, computing, networking, storage, and machine learning. Managed IT services corona have done in-depth research on the cloud platform by Google and hence this is an elaborated definition. Apart from the above sectors, Google’s cloud platform also includes tools for cloud management, development as well as security.

One of the most amazing things about GCP is that it efficiently supports both SQL as well as NoSQL database storage which makes it a highly dynamic storage solution.

For workload hostings, the Google Compute Engine provides its users with virtual machine instances. The access for the software developers to Google’s on-demand hosting and software development kit is provided by the Google App Engine to develop applications that run on the same app engine.

3. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure which was formerly known as Windows Azure is a cloud computing service from a renowned company Microsoft. For Microsoft oriented customers or the Microsoft enthusiasts, this service has proved itself as a reliable service provider which is enabled through data centers managed by Microsoft itself. Just like GCP and amazon web services, Microsoft Azure also supports management, deployment, test, and development of applications and services which makes it equally popular as the other cloud computing platforms. When it comes to web development, Microsoft has support for ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js. 

To deploy code on the Microsoft servers, Microsoft Azure is used and the code has access to the local storage resources like blobs, tables, and queues.

The point which is worth mentioning here is that Microsoft SQL Azure is not a full SQL Server instance while it can be integrated with the SQL server. Your LAN is communicated with the Azure cloud to support the security features like authentication with the help of Azure AppFabric 

4. IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix is a cloud computing service from IBM that offers a Platform as a service (PaaS) as well as Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Users with the help of the internet can deploy and access virtualized compute power, storage, and networking with the help of Bluemix IaaS. According to the needs of an organization, IBM service offerings can be used as public, private, or hybrid models. 

There is an open-source cloud platform called Cloud Foundry on which the IBM Bluemix IaaS is based upon. For both public clouds as well as for the on-premise environments, IBM services can be used by the developers to create, manage, run, and deploy scalable applications. When it comes to supporting programming languages, IBM Bluemix supports Java, Node.js, PHP, and Python while the solution can be extended to get support for other languages as well

5. Alibaba

Alibaba is a famous name in the e-commerce segment and Alibaba Cloud is the initiative of the same Chinese company. Just after three years of Amazon Web Services coming into existence, Alibaba Cloud was established in the year 2009 which soon established its roots all over China and is considered as one of the biggest competitors of AWS.

Alibaba is a successful and established cloud services provider and covers all the major cloud services like elastic computing, hosting, object storage, a relational database (SQL), NoSQL database, Big Data Analytics, AI, and machine learning. Initially, Alibaba cloud was developed to support only the internal infrastructural needs of Alibaba group only but soon it started giving services to the public as well.