FIT Cabling – Network Cabling Services

Forum Info-Tech’s network cabling service offers a complete solution for any size business’s infrastructure.

From emerging to enterprise level businesses, structured cabling design and installation is crucial

Forum Info-Tech provides your complete network solution. Our experienced engineers have performed structured cabling across many business platforms. Our solution addresses entrance facilities, equipment rooms, and telecommunications rooms.

FIT Cabling engineers are proficient at Backbone cabling, Horizontal cabling, and work area components. Our team performs data network switch patching as well as telecom panel patching.

We excel in fiber optic cabling installation and are proficient in most warehouse management systems (WMS). As a network cabling service, FIT Cabling follows strict industry standards and complies with all TIA and EIA regulations and practices.

Voice, video, and internet initially made possible by a structured cable network. Service providers can then distribute service through the channels created by your structured cable installation.

Components of the Service