Reasons for the popularity of AWS

AWS has gained huge popularity in recent times all thanks to the wide variety of applications it has to the business world. You must have wondered why is AWS so popular and we will discuss the answer for this here. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud-based stage utilized for building answers for organizations utilizing associated web administrations. It additionally gives an assortment of pre-constructed administrations which can profit organizations to fabricate their custom cloud-based arrangements. AWS is trusted by numerous organizations and a renowned AWS professional services consultant because of the little or enormous in view of the highlights it gives. AWS helps organizations with a wide assortment of outstanding burdens, for example, game turn of events, information preparing, warehousing, accomplishment, improvement, and some more. On the off chance that you start an association, you will require servers that will rely upon your interest. AWS gives an element that permits you to pick servers as indicated by your decision. These AWS highlights will spare your time, cash, and potential. 

AWS helps firms by giving quality administrations and supports their organizations. One can work their business through a versatile work area. In addition, the client should concentrate just on making code and ignoring different angles. Managed IT services corona has implemented AWS and using all the features in the best possible way.

There are many amazing features of AWS that make it popular amongst the masses and different businesses. IT support corona too utilizes these features and we will be discussing them below.

1. Mobile Friendliness

The AWS mobile hub feature is for both Android and IOS. it supports and aids you towards the appropriate and good component for your application. It incorporates a support that encourages you to get to AWS administrations which incorporate turn of events, testing, and observing of the portable application. It incorporates clear approaches to choose and arrange portable application highlights like substance conveyance and pop-up messages.

Amazon web services such as DynamoDB, S3, and Lambda are directly accessible via AWS mobile SDK  and it supports Android, iOS, Web, Unity, React Native, and many other platforms.

2. Cloud functions without servers

Amazon API and Amazon Gateway help clients by running their code and scaling it. The main thing a client needs to do is to transfer the code with the assistance of a cell phone. Clients don’t deal with the servers as the entire procedure is then overseen by AWS. Applications are made to convey an extraordinary encounter to the clients. We need numerous undertakings to be performed without a moment’s delay and for that, we need back-end code that runs and reacts to the code. Dealing with the framework to have back-end codes requires size, arrangement, and heaps of servers. AWS Serverless Cloud Functions help the client so that they should concentrate just on building the application. Server the executives is finished by AWS alongside it, it performs scaling, fixing, and organization of the framework.

3. Databases

One of the best things about the features of AWS is that amazon provides databases as requirements and the databases provided from amazon are completely managed by them themselves. Below are some of the databases and their applications that are provided by amazon

  • Relational databases for transactional purposes
  • Non-relational databases for applications which are internet scale
  • Data Warehouse for Analytical purposes
  • In-memory data store for caching and real time workloads
  • Graph Database used for applications with high connected data

4. Storage

One of the most flexible, economic, and easy to use features provided by amazon web services is storage. You are free to use this storage independently or with a combination as per your requirement or the requirement of your business. Types of storage provided by AWS are below

  • Amazon glacier storage which is used for storage for long time
  • Amazon simple storage service that provides scalable object storage for archival, data backup and analytics
  • Amazon EBS that provides block level storage volumes for persistent data storage for use with EC-2 instances.

5. Compliance and Security

Whichever organization depends on AWS, Amazon gives the greatest security to the information given by them. AWS highlights permit the client to scale and develop. Clients here pay just for the services they use. In addition, there are no forthright costs. 

The security gatherings of AWS partner with EC2 cases. They give security at the convention and port access level. In AWS there are security decisions that channel traffic coming into and out of an EC2 example. Type, Protocol, Port Range, and source are the four fields that are comprised by the rules

6. AWS Marketplace

The marketplace provided by the amazon web services is probably the best feature that you get. It is an online store where you as a customer can quickly search and buy software that you need for your business requirements. With the help of the marketplace’s one-click deployment, the customer can quickly launch the software then and there and will have to pay only for the features they use.