ProLaw Cloud Hosting – A Comprehensive Guide to the Law Firms

ProLaw cloud hosting is one of the most popular and the most powerful software suites that law firms can ever use. Using this software, law firms can do mammoth tasks such as document management, legal accounting, and practice management with ease. 

Most law firms are looking towards the cloud or ProLaw hosting because they know it can give benefits such as reliability, security to data, and mobility. 

This guide is useful if you fall under one of these categories:

  • Partners of Law Firms that are mainly responsible for driving IT strategy
  • Administrators of the law firms that are responsible for managing the technology for them
  • IT consultants that have a clear understanding of the technology and are searching for solutions

What Exactly is ProLaw

ProLaw Cloud Hosting, as many presume, is not software that is a single piece. It is a suite that contains a host of related applications. Since there are so many inter-working modules in it, firms can pick and use those they think are useful for them. 

Here are the three most common modules of ProLaw Hosting:

  • Practice Management – This module manages cases, contacts, clients, billing, and time tracking.
  • Document Management – Using this module, firms can manage documents as well as emails. 
  • Accounting – This module provides solutions to aspects such as business accounting, financial reporting, and Trust/IOLTA accounting

While some law firms are okay with practice management, others choose accounting or document management. Since ProLaw hosting software is modular, one can choose what they think is best for their requirements. 

Law Firms That Should Ideally Use ProLaw

ProLaw cloud hosting is beneficial to your firm if it falls under one of the following categories:

  • Firms with 10+ users (includes support staff and attorneys) should plan on getting this software
  • Requires a Case/Practice Management System that is full-fledged
  • Requires Accounting Software and are not looking for QuickBooks
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Some of the Highlights of This Software

ProLaw is sturdy or robust and is best for mid-sized and large law firms. It is too heavy for companies that have less than ten employees. ProLaw offers a lot more than the regular practice management software that is web-based that you can find in the market. Some of this software eventually graduate and become ProLaw hosting when they reach a specific size. 

Ditching an Existing Software Is Not Necessary

Some of the law firms ditch the existing software they are using in search of cloud-based software that is more robust, mobile, secure, and reliable. It is not a smart move as some of the cloud-based applications are not up to the mark as they do not have certain features. 

The best thing to do is to go for ProLaw Cloud Hosting software as it will allow law firms to use their existing software without dumping it. 

Features That ProLaw Offers

  • Client and Contact Management
  • Task Management
  • Calendaring
  • Invoicing & Billing
  • Trust Accounting
  • Financial Reports
  • Document Management
  • Document Assembly
  • Record Notes 
  • Matter or Case Management
  • Timekeeping

Why ProLaw Is Better in Cloud

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While there are so many remarkable benefits law firms, get to enjoy with ProLaw, the benefits are going to multifold when they use a ProLaw Cloud Hosting.

Here are three reasons why it is beneficial: 

No Need to Manage: Procuring and managing servers is a big headache. But, it is necessary when you are running management software to care about the legal aspects. But when you run the ProLaw in the cloud, you can forget about these aspects. 

Easy to Share Across the Teams: Giving access to your employees is not a difficult task. And if your employees are working remotely, file sharing becomes a lot easy, and they can see real-time data. 

Safe and Secure: The data that you store on the cloud is safe and secure. There is no way it can fall into the wrong hands as there are multi-level security layers, login management, and encryption to protect the data. Once the law firms begin to use ProLaw on Cloud, they can relax and stop worrying about the information.