Marketing automation for law firms

Marketing automation is the blend of strategy and software, and it is the process of leveraging software to mechanize repeated marketing tasks. Machine learning, predictive analytics, and are tools that help marketers become more efficient. They generate more revenue through scale lead management, streamline, and other marketing activities. Marketers use this platform to personalize and automate their marketing messages and content.

Features of market automation

Marketing automation has a lot of features. However, some key features include:

  • Lead nurturing – the process of sending multiple automated emails to people to keep them engaged by presenting them with relevant information.
  • Personalized email marketing – sending personal emails to the customers helps businesses build a better relationship with their customers.
  • Campaign management – through sending personal and unambiguous emails to many people, companies can nurture leads along their sales cycle.
  • Customer relationship management integration – through this, businesses can easily transfer lead information between the organization’s marketing and sales departments.
  • Forms and landing pages – tools that help you in securing information from your outlook and then send it to systems to store and take action.
  • Lead management – since some of the leads do not have sufficient information to be passed on to sales, and marketing automation works as a platform for such leads to land on.

Marketing automation in the legal industry

Automation possesses several useful aspects and plays an important role in digital and internet marketing. Some of them include:

Social media

Law firms can use automation tools to upload content on social media through the predetermined calendar. Since experts of social media channels no longer have to focus on uploading content, they can focus on emergent issues that are trending and their responses. Some other automation tools are also used to automatically launch posts on social media whenever new content is posted on the firms’ websites.

Social media and content sharing

Paid advertisements

This is one of the aspects where marketing automation helps is in advertisements. Pay-per-click professionals find it easier to use market automation to tweak up keywords which ultimately help in the ads to show higher up when searched for.

Collection of data

It can be very time-efficient to use marketing automation. The software manages the marketing strategies very differently and does not waste time with people who are no longer associated with the organization. This exclusion of former clients is because the software collects data of the active users only.

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Why law firms should use marketing automation

Since personalized target marketing is expected by many clients, marketing automation helps increase the reach of a law firm. Simultaneously, marketing automation is saving the required details of each of the client so that they can be engaged accordingly. Marketing automation is used by law firms to create a portfolio which includes various information, details about past, present, and potential clients, their previous cases, etc. Marketing automation can also help in devising customized messages according to each client, present or potential.

Features of marketing automation in law firms

Potential clients prefer to visit the law firm’s website first before they try to contact the firm. Once they visit the website, they also become potential leads. Leads reach the website through several channels such as advertisements, social media timelines, web searches, etc.

When these visitors are on your website, they often signup to receive a free reward in return, such as bumper stickers for cars, free eBooks, etc. Once the visitors on the website fills the signup form, the marketing automation software stores the information visitors submit and their browsing history on the law firm’s website. Moreover, the software also sends them a thank you note on their emails as soon as they submit the form.

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Major aspects of marketing automation system

Devising specific messages based on client information

The automation software records customer behavior through engagement with web pages, individual emails, and campaigns. This recorded information makes it easier to identify what specific messages were most preferred by the clients and where is room for improvement. The instant when new people visit the law firm’s page, more data is collected, which can be analyzed to make customization of elements in the marketing atomization strategy of the law firm. Firms can also implement these tactics for the past and present clients of the firm by keeping them engaged with the firm.

Email marketing automation

Email marketing automation is done for the people who seem interested in the law firm. Firms can use automation tools to send them multiple emails week after week. For instance, the first email could be about the information they requested from a law firm. The next email could be about the rights of consumers, which could be sent a week or two later, next an email highlighting a story about a case that the law firm handled very efficiently. These emails would help build customer relationships as they are specifically customized to ensure credibility and trust in the firm.

Moreover, to establish a feeling of personalization, each email that is sent out addresses every individual by their name, and the messages are delivered directly from the law firms’ manager’s email address.

E-Mail service

Track behavior of potential clients

With the help of automation system software, the browsing history of clients can be captured when they go through the law firm’s website or their email. With the information gathered through this, law firms can make sure that only relevant information is presented to clients to increase their interest in the organization.

Time efficiency through automated inquiries

Law firms can save a lot of time for themselves by using marketing automation. Time can be saved by managing follow-ups with former and current clients. Instead of emailing and calling the law firm’s client repeatedly, email automation tracks can be set up for several matters.

Often new clients ask a lot of generic questions that the firms have answered numerous times.  Automated emails can answer a lot of the questions that new clients frequently ask from the firm. Automated emails can also be used in helping a new client understand how a case usually progresses. At regular intervals, requesting updated information from clients. The automated email technology can also seek reviews and feedback from the clients once the case is closed.

Should there be any task that a law firm spends a lot of time on repeat, it can be done with the help of automation to save time so that the law firm can solve the legal issues of the clients.

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Final thoughts

Market automation has become the need of the hour for not just business but law firms as well. There is a large pool of law firms that clients can choose from, but market automation helps your law firm better than the rest as they perform the repetitive task much easier, saving a law firm a lot of time. Moreover, market automation helps law firms retain their clients, which many other law firms do not focus on.