FIT Digital Signage

Forum Info-Tech’s digital signage solutions deliver a high-resolution content delivery mechanism for your growing business.

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FIT Digital Signage solutions allow businesses to easily showcase branded images, videos, event information, and social media feeds without spending thousands on physical displays. Our digital transformation services grant central management for all display content from easy to use cloud dashboard.

Venues can use our digital transformation consulting services and digital signage to showcase sponsors along with important data.

Additionally, it connects your visitors with branded social media channels on-site. Ultimately, As a digital transformation consultant, our solution is the most cost-effective way to customize digital menu boards at on-site restaurants, snack stands, & souvenir shops.

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Frequently asked question

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What is digital signage

Digital signage is the use of digital displays, video graphics on TV screens, LED panels, or other multimedia displays to transmit messages and media automatically.

Many retailers are now using these visual messages on their storefronts as part of what is called digital advertising. It has become an increasingly popular method for making presentations to customers with instantaneous updates, interactive capabilities that target audiences through location-based marketing and offers personalized content aimed at customer’s age group.