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Enjoy the added productivity and peace of mind by

✔ Connecting to your software from anywhere

✔ Encrypted data that isn’t vulnerable to disaster

✔ The speed and functionality of state-of-the-art data centers

✔ Scalable systems that meet your needs both today and in the future

✔ A cloud environment that puts your company in a position of success

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We have a process that helps you simplify, speed up, and secure your IT so you can focus on running and growing your business.

Let Forum Info-Tech manage your entire network for you with our managed IT cloud services. We’ll do everything for you while giving you complete control over how things are done.

We call this LevelCloud.

our core services for you


Cloud infrastructure

Your software will be kept up to date with automatic patch installs so you don’t have to manage your software stack. 


software hosting

By hosting all of your software in one place with an easy to use dashboard, you can streamline workflows and increase productivity.


Any Device, Any Time

No matter where you are, you can easily access your company’s data from any device with a customized virtual desktop.



No more investing into aging hardware, upgrading and downgrading is as easy as a click of a button. 

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What is cloud computing

Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing solution. It allows you to access your data and software from any location, even across multiple networks.

Users take advantage of the on-demand computing power in the cloud instead of investing in new hardware and installing it at their business or home. You use a browser-based interface to configure exactly what type of processor, memory, and operating system you need for your application to run optimally. The provider will allocate resources as necessary, then bill you for these services every month according to usage levels.

This way, if your needs change with time or with seasonality (e .g., higher demand around holiday shopping periods), the scalability of computing resources remains unchanged without requiring physical upgrades. Give us a call for our professional cloud computer services.

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What are the advantages to cloud computing

The advantages to using the cloud are that it can save a considerable amount of money, and it assures that the information on your hard drive won’t be lost in case of a catastrophe. For example, if your house catches on fire or floods, you know without a doubt where all your information is (in the cloud).

Cloud computing provides easy access to data from any location, reducing transportation costs and time spent on business travel. Cloud computing also provides a safe, secure environment for the storage of sensitive information. Disaster recovery is simplified because applications are virtualized and reside in the cloud, meaning that a crashed server only impacts one part of a company’s infrastructure rather than an entire company’s operations.

is cloud computing secure?

Cloud computing is among the most secure methods for sharing information, even more so than traditional data storage devices like thumb drives or external hard drives.

In order to ensure the privacy of cloud data, many different security techniques have been developed. Sensitive data (such as personal photos or medical information) stored on a cloud server is encrypted and becomes unreadable for anyone else but the owner. For added safety, some programs will not store any personal information online at all.

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what if i have a server onsite already

You may want to consider using cloud-based storage for certain types of files because it is easier to share with people who are not on your network. There are many advantages to using a cloud service as opposed to storing these same files locally on your computer or laptop. The best part of storing files in the cloud is that you have access to them from any computer or device with an Internet connection.

With your documents being stored in the cloud, they always remain accessible to you wherever you are. Even if one of the devices that you use to file has a virus or hard drive failure, you can access your data through another device.

is cloud computing expensive?

No. In fact, cloud computing is one of the most cost-effective services right now and likely will be for a long time, with new players in the market using ever-cheaper technologies to operate data centers. Furthermore, cloud computing has allowed companies to outsource their IT department, significantly reducing costs by lowering headcount.

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