We Upgrade Your Accounting Firm

You get increased productivity by accessing your accounting software anywhere you have internet access

Enjoy the added productivity and peace of mind by

✔ Connecting to your accounting software from anywhere

✔ Encrypted data that isn’t vulnerable to disaster

✔ The speed and functionality of state-of-the-art data centers

✔ Scalable systems that meet your needs both today and in the future

✔ A cloud environment that puts your company in a position of success

We can help

We understand the demands of accounting firms. Juggling multiple applications and systems is challenging.

We specialize in building private cloud environments and providing managed IT services for firms that are between 15 and 250 people.

Your process gets simplified by providing all your applications at a glance on one simple, custom-made dashboard.

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our core services for you

Cloud infrastructure

Your accounting software will be kept up to date with automatic patch installs so you don’t have to manage your software stack. 

software hosting

By hosting all of your software in one place with an easy to use dashboard, you can streamline workflows and increase productivity.

Any Device, Any Time

No matter where you are, you can easily access your accounting firm’s data from any device with a customized virtual desktop.


No more investing into aging hardware, upgrading and downgrading is as easy as a click of a button. 

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Best in class web hosting for Accounting firms

Cloud hosting is the best option for CPA firms between 15 and 250 people because it brings flexibility during the busy seasons while providing added security.  We enable CPA firms to increase their server strength at times when they require more computing power, like tax season, without having to pay for the extra power when not needed. Forum Info-Tech provides flexible hosting for accounting firms. Our dedicated team of expert personnel keeps track of the latest technological developments to provide best-in-class Cyber Security, Cloud hosting, and technical support to clients across all geographies at an affordable price.

The benefits of cloud computing for cpa firms

The benefits of cloud computing for CPA firms include cost savings and better security. Cloud is up to 10x less expensive than in-house operations and cloud adoption requires little to no hardware investment.

Cloud services help firms avoid paying electricity bills, maintenance costs, and expensive hardware upgrades. This allows for flexible budgets as cloud services can be upgraded or downgraded on the fly.

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Can you host CPA compatible apps in the cloud?

Yes, it is possible to host accounting apps in the cloud. Most accounting systems allow for hosting on a professionally managed cloud server so that there are minimal costs or requirements to do so.

The added benefit of hosting an accounting app in the cloud means that you can access your data from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and without any geographical limitations. This gives accountants who work offsite an easy way of accessing their accounting information at all times, even when they are away from home or office computers.

Are cloud costs higher or lower than an in-house resource?

Many accounting firms are discovering that migrating to the cloud has many benefits. Cloud hosting costs are lower due to a lack of server maintenance and other in-house resources.

Centralized data storage means less wasted time and effort, and seamless integration with different software solutions provides peace of mind when it comes to maintaining compliance measures (PCI/COSO). For these reasons and more, cloud hosting costs for an accounting firm can be significantly lower than in-house alternatives!

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Is cloud computing in safe for my CPA Firm's data?

Yes, in fact, accounting firms are some of the most active users of cloud computing. Using a cloud service means that your financial data isn’t being stored on the work computer of one person, but rather in an external center.

This has many benefits to it – less risk of theft or disruption by disgruntled employees or malicious viruses. It also has the advantage of guaranteeing a certain amount and type of system performance at all times, on-demand.