The Best AWS Migration Tools: Which One to Use?

AWS migration tools are the talk of the town and every big and small business is migrating its old infrastructure to cloud-based environments. With benefits like reduced cost of ownership, on-demand instant resource scaling, automated disaster recovery, etc., the money and time spent on AWS assessment software for migration are justified. The question that every business asks is which migration software to be used for a successful migration so that the website doesn’t get penalized in SEO rankings due to duplicate content or hassles with crawlability issues.

The article talks about all possible aspects starting from choosing the right tool, important considerations before selecting one, how it works, etc.

Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool or CART

As the name suggests, this tool will check and update the readiness of your whole organization, like the readiness of your people, operations, business, platform, and security. An assessment will be made on the readiness of each domain, and a report will be generated based on which you will be able to make key decisions. This tool is vital for all businesses.

TSO Logic

TSO logic was a standalone application before which was recently acquired by Amazon. This tool collects huge data from cloud platforms, analyses everything concerning the requirements of your business, and generates a report based on the availability and analyzed data. It shows recommendations for right-sizing, usage of the current resources, maximizing and enhancing benefits, etc. Everything is computed automatically and presented to you in the form of a report.

Cloud Endure

If you ask an AWS professional services consultant, they will definitely recommend Cloud Endure over other tools as this tool helps you shift cloud migrations. You can easily migrate your applications and databases to the AWS cloud exactly as they are if they run on the supported versions of Windows and Linux operating systems. The tool will automatically adapt your machines to the AWS infrastructure so that they can run natively without any support.

BMC Discovery

BMC is an all in one tool that has many amazing features like cost analysis, automated testing and configuration, planning pre-migration and strategizing, AWS DevOps, automated workflows and provisioning etc. This tool is a one stop destination to building, running and managing all your AWS cloud services and tools which have the amazing features discussed above. 


If you are looking for a tool that helps you in maintaining the right allocations and scaling of your resources without increasing your bills, Turbonomic is the right tool for you. This tool provides an excellent platform for analyzing and optimizing the consumption of your resources, without breaching the compliance. With the help of this tool, all of your AWS services are automatically aligned and integrated as well.

New Relic Software Analytics

This is one of the best analytics tools in the market currently which analyses your business and answers some of your unanswered questions such as the number of people who live on your app in real-time, the trend of interest towards your product and analyses many more factors that helps you in taking key business decisions for your organization. 


Monitoring your cloud infrastructure, analyzing the performance of your applications and identifying issues and providing solutions for them are some of the key features that Dynatrace provides. The efficiency of this tool increases multiple because of the fact that it is AI powered. This tool provides a higher level of automation to AWS infrastructure management and is a very robust tool.

Attunity Cloudbeam

With the help of Attunity Cloudbeam tool, automated real-time integration of data is enabled across cloud and hybrid platforms. Loading and replication to any number of platforms like Redshift, RDS, EC2 and Glacier is automated and accelerated with the help of this tool. Whether your data is structured or unstructured, this is a “click-to-load” design for both and increases transfer with up to 10 times the actual speed which saves a lot of developing time.

AWS Migration Acceleration Program

AWS MAP is a preparation program that causes you to set up your staff for the cloud venture, just as you get proactive direction on your technique. With assistance from AWS itself, just as a significant number of its accomplices, you will have all of the help you require with preparation appraisal, improvement of an AWS relocation plan, the actual migration, training and support.

AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

This tool is one of the best in the markets and is an Application Performance Management tool that provides additional performance monitoring features as well. It is a very intuitive and robust application which is why it has a higher demand in the market. This tool offers end-to-end support for all native technologies such as EC2, S3, RDS, SQS, DynamoDb and Lambda and instantly scales up AWS instances.

Your future is in the cloud. And, if you’re still not convinced of this undeniable truth, then take a look at some statistics from Gartner that are telling us your business should be migrating to AWS now and using an assessment tool for migration software.

With benefits like reduced cost of ownership, on-demand instant resource scaling, automated disaster recovery (and so much more), what else do you need?

The most important question is which migration software will work best for your website and how to make sure it doesn’t get penalized by duplicate content or crawlability issues after the move. Reach out below to speak with one of our experts about getting started today!