Advantages of Hosting ProLaw in the Cloud

ProLaw is one of the most popular software used in the US by mid, small, and large-sized firms, and it is gaining popularity across the world. ProLaw is a convenient software that efficiently manages clients, cases, documents, time, and accounting of the attorneys. It surely has an edge compared to the traditional web-based accounting applications, so it is popular.

ProLaw cloud hosting is another reason which makes it popular as it gives the user a lot of cloud benefits which they don’t get in other software. Apart from this, the ProLaw support and software service is excellent, so users do not have to worry about the technical aspects as they are helped in everything from downloads to installations and updates.

ProLaw runs on top of a Microsoft SQL Server database, and now you very well know why it can handle data with so much efficiency and preciseness. It manages your emails, calendar tasks, business accountancy, billing, time tracking, and many more things, which is why many small and large firms select ProLaw as their official software.

Hosting ProLaw in the cloud

ProLaw hosting on the cloud is immensely popular among other law firms because it has many benefits. What are some of these benefits? All you need to do is read below!

ProLaw software is housed in a server that’s located in the cloud. This technology helps to reduce power consumption and eliminate issues like hardware failures, which can cause downtime – not an option for firms who depend on their systems to keep up with deadlines!

  • Get ProLaw software without the worries of hardware failures
  • Save money and time because you’re not buying any hard-drive space
  • All of your data is stored in one place, making it easy to organize information
  • 24/7 access to your files so that there are no work stoppages due to system downtime

No need to change ProLaw ever

ProLaw is the one-stop destination for all law and accounting needs of attorneys. It manages everything, making their lives easier than before, so users don’t feel the need to change this software ever. The software version is updated from time to time to get all the latest updates and never lag behind their competitors.

Private cloud from ProLaw system

One of the best things about ProLaw is that the usage of the downgraded web-based legal software for gaining accessibility, reliability, and security of the cloud is eliminated as your software is hosted in a private cloud. Apart from this, your important documents and emails are stored in a private cloud as well.

Law and justice concept.

Law firms are always in a rush to get their work done. They have clients who need help, and they can’t afford to spend time learning new software or updating it manually.

Imagine having an easy-to-use cloud hosting platform that manages everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your software updated. You’ll be able to focus more of your energy on what matters most – serving your clients!

ProLaw is the one-stop destination for all law and accounting needs of attorneys. It manages everything, making their lives easier than before, so users don’t feel the need to change this software ever. The software version is updated from time to time to get all the latest features.

This software is not just a cloud hosting platform, it also provides other vital features like document management and workflow for the accounting needs of attorneys. This makes life easier than before with this new ProLaw cloud – having everything under one roof!


Companies invest large amounts of money in servers and IT infrastructure. But what if your company doesn’t have the budget for a major investment? If you use ProLaw cloud, it will be more cost-effective as there is no hardware or software installation required with this online service. You can also control access to sensitive data like passwords by setting up an account that requires two-factor authentication before they are able to sign in to your system.

A major concern for many companies is that someone could steal all of their data in one swoop by attacking a server. With ProLaw cloud, your documents will be distributed across multiple servers so the hacker would need to attack each server individually and simultaneously to access them all at once. This protects against bulk theft!

  • Cut costs by investing in a cloud-based service
  • Reduce worries of the data being unsafe because your sensitive information is password protected
  • Save time with no need for IT infrastructure investments and setup 
  • Get secure and timely access to documents online
Storage racks aligned in a computer server room.

Centralized usage

ProLaw lets your firm take advantage of its space in the cloud. Your employees can access all their documents from anywhere they are, and on any device that’s available to them – making it easy for attorneys to update clients with case progress at a moment’s notice!

• Attorneys can access documents from any device, anywhere
• Stay on top of deadlines and stay connected with clients
• Take your firm into the future and ensure that you are ready for the change ahead
• Make it easier than ever to do things like maintain records or send secure messages

Extremely reliable

Reliability comes with the added security that ProLaw software uses. In contrast to servers you may set up for yourself, cloud-based infrastructures are always reliable because they are so secure and tackled by professionals if there is a problem. With this type of infrastructure, uptime rates can be 99.99% or higher.

ProLaw has been designed and tested to make the most out of cloud hosting. The system is so dependable that it automatically saves your data up to 30 times a day in case there’s an interruption with power or Internet service for any reason, which can happen during natural disasters like hurricanes.

The software also relies on redundancy, which spreads your data out to different locations and provides another layer of protection against disaster.

Things to Consider while moving Prolaw to Cloud


Private cloud solutions have many advantages, including the ability to add and remove resources as you see fit. ProLaw is a private company that offers both staff members for your business needs – whether they be in-house or remote – storage space, and more!

Additionally, there are models like pay-as-you-go which make it easy on law firms with limited budgets who need some assistance from time to time.

• Private cloud hosting solutions that allow for easy storage and management
• Staff available to meet your legal needs – whether in-house or remote
• Pay-as-you-go solution providing flexibility for businesses with limited budgets

Very economic

Cloud-based infrastructures are cheaper than in-house servers, and ProLaw is no exception to this. In the case of in-house servers, you always have to bear the cost of infrastructure, pay for the software, pay for an IT professional to manage the infrastructure, antivirus, software upgrades, and much more. In contrast, in the case of private clouds like ProLaw, everything is taken care of by Forum Info-Tech.

When you consider the advantages of hosting ProLaw in the cloud, it’s easy to see why so many firms are making this switch. With no need for a physical server, not needing to change your software ever again and private cloud availability from our team at ProLaw system, it’s hard to go wrong with this option.

For those who have been considering moving their law firm into the cloud but aren’t sure where to start or how much they should be spending on such an endeavor, we can help! We know what best practices look like when dealing with technology in regard to law firms because we specialize in the legal industry. Get in touch today and talk about transitioning your company’s account firm over to the cloud!